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We then made contact on Skype and she told me every detail of what goes on. I immediately quit Charm Date and have not paid them a penny since.

But to this day, it is hard to believe it was ALL fake, not just some of it but everything.

This seemed hard to believe that could happen and they never get caught.

She was employed to reply to the men with fake answers just like my travel agent friend had told me.

She had to pose and write as 10 different women and had to keep track of everything. I was paying USD to read what she had written and then another USD to reply and she was getting about 50 cents for each.

This is a follow up report to my first one and was prompted to write it because of the thousands of men who want to know the truth.

The following is the truth as far as I have been able to determine. 13f delta On Yiu street Shatin, Internet, Hong Kong is the company name for 4 dating websites: Chn have Agencies to do most of their work and if you have any complaints they are referred to their agents.

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I started with Qpid in May, 2015 using three of their four agencies - not the Latin one AND quit in early 2017. I had EMF (internal emails) conversations with over 200 women and with a few got to the point where we were going to arrange to meet.

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